new Star Wars movie correction

A slight correction about the Lucas thing that my friend Paul Sebastien pointed out to me: he’s actually not aware of any movie plans, and was just talking about the live action TV show that George had talked about in an interview with an Australian TV station a while back. Paul is only working on the games side, and I know from past experience that he’s very professional and discrete, and would never leak confidential secrets, even to a close friend.

Sorry to throw a bucket of water on it, Star Wars fans: I should have chosen my words more carefully given the ultra-sensitivity of your blogosphere!

4 Responses to “new Star Wars movie correction”

  1. paulseta says:

    Hi Thomas,

    So very sorry – I am a longtime fan (TGAOW was one the albums that was a wow! moment – my Dad having worked for EMI at the time it came out…) and have lurked around here for some time.

    Saw the piece on your friend and made a comment on Aint It Cool News (in a story about the end titles song from Avatar, for flip’s sake) and log in this evening to find AICN and Chud are both running this story big time.

    What can I say – I thought it was a minor scoop and would love to see a new Star Wars film on the level of Empire Strikes Back… and never imagined that these guys would pop a rivet :-)

    Looking forward to your new album – it’s been too long since Astronauts And Heretics – incidentally, an album that inspired me to get into Digidesign Sound Tools (as it then was) and Studio Vision. Never looked back (although I use Cubase these days due to Opcode’s sad demise).


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