design a t-shirt for the Feb 28th gig!

We’re running a t-shirt design contest for my Feb 28th gig at the Union Capel, Islington, London! There are details on my Forum.

I’m in Tiburon, CA, jetlagged and wide awake at 5am. I’m looking across the Bay to Angel Island and the city of San Francisco, which is glittering under the first glow of the dawn. It’s a bit weird coming back here this time, but I had some administrative things to do. I chose to avoid my ‘home town’ down the Coast, and yesterday when I had some time to kill I explored some places I’d never been: the Marin Headlands, Mill Valley, and the Bay Model in Sausalito. This is a 4- acre scale model of the SF Bay, built by the Corps of Engineers to simulate the twice daily flood and ebb of the vast estuary every 14 minutes. Of its 1600 sq miles of water, 2/3 of the Bay is under 18 ft deep. A lot of this is down to the ‘hydraulic mining’ done in the Sierras during the Gold rush in the late 19th century. You can see all the little eddies and backwaters. The model is rather serene and lovely, and very interesting to a sailor like myself… or anyone trying to escape from Alcatraz.

My host is friend and former collaborator Paul Sebastien, who over the years has worked for Xbox, Playstation, and now LucasArts. Last night he was telling me a little about the forthcoming Star Wars-related TV show, movie and online games—very cool indeed. I’m not a huge fan myself (and definitely not a gamer) but it sounds like Mr Lucas has got his head into a good place. I met him several times when I was working on a movie in the 80s called [name suppressed to protect credibility!] and he’s a decent chap, but I could have done without the last three SW movies.

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  1. Lunesse says:

    It’s nice to hear about what used to be home for me. I sheepishly admit I never made it to the Bay Model. I did try once, but it was closed when I got there. Living in Mill Valley for a couple years was a great experience, esp. when I got to ride my motorcycle over the Golden Gate Bridge every day to get to work!

    Safe travels home.

  2. Merujo says:

    I always took a drive up into Marin County when I came out to California with my delegations of Russian IT guys. Would religiously stop to take in the beautiful vistas across the bay to the City, and then go for a frosty mug of diet root beer at the old “car hop” A&W just before you got to Lucas Valley Road exit on the 101 (and the gateway to All Things Skywalker) and just sit back and enjoy not being in Washington!

    Best business meeting of my life? An unexpected, beautiful hike in Muir Woods with this awesome hippy dude who made wheelchairs from scrap to send to war zones around the world.

  3. Dooley says:

    I used to deliver bread to a restaurant in Tiburon that overlooked the bay and SF in the distance. I also worked briefly at the Marin Headlands institute. Marin county is a beautiful place.

  4. craz8 says:

    Hey! Tell Paul that Tom Fakes says Hi! And get him to create his own blog so we can harass him there.

  5. precinct says:

    Hydraulic mining made the waters of the Golden Gate run brown during the Gold Rush.

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  10. tictoc says:

    Have you ever gone to hear the wave organ down in SF Marina? The sea singing… or so they say.

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  15. Europa83 says:

    sent email to QnA but no reply – on subject of tour – any dates in 2010 in or near Scotland? – was at concert in Queens Hall Edinburgh, early eighties…front row standing on the seats as I recall!!!

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