A couple of new releases!

I’m happy to announce two new live releases over the next couple of months.

chicago-cover2.jpg sxsw_1.jpg


This is the video we shot at Martyr’s in Chicago on May 16th-7th 2006—the shows from which ‘The Sole Inhabitant’ CD audio was taken. You may have seen several of these clips on my site in podcast form, but there’s been some feedback that people like this video footage better than the Berklee footage featured on the TSI DVD. It’s different, that’s for sure. Whereas the Berklee show was very nicely shot and edited on tens of thousands of dollars worth of high-end video gear, this footage was edited by Johnny Dekam on his laptop from the mini cams dotted around my rig (and on my head!) It has a distinctively ‘noir’, almost Frank Miller-like look and feel. So I decided to make it available as a DVD. Now, as many people have already bought TSI DVD, CD or both, and given that the podcasts are free, it seems crazy to ask you to pay top dollar for this item—so it’ll be on sale around May 20th 2007 at CDBaby.com for $13.95, which seems like a bargain to me! As a special bonus track, in addition to the regular eleven, I’ve also included a live recording of ‘Airwaves’ featuring an ambient video mix by Johnny Dekam. This version will not be available in any other form.


I recently did a brief tour with a 3-piece brass section, the excellent Jazz Mafia Horns. While we were in Austin, TX at the annual South By South West festival, we recorded several sets and I’m in the middle of mixing the tracks that were NOT on ‘The Sole Inhabitant’ so we could put together this 5-song EP. Here’s the track listing:

Your Karma Hit My Dogma*

The Key To Her Ferrari

My Brain Is Like A Sieve

May The Cube Be With You

Hot Sauce

*YKHMD is a new song never released in any other form. I started writing the song several years ago but only finished the lyrics last year. As you know if you came to see me perform it live, there’s a neat story that goes along with those lyrics, as it was inspired by a frivolous legal fracas with a certain ‘celebrity’ that is well-documented elsewhere on this blog.

The ‘Live @ SxSW’ EP will be priced at $9.95. The artwork features great pics of me and the band taken by Michael Persson and Steve Spatafore. If you don’t want the physical disc, you’ll be able to save money and download the EP or individual songs on iTunes at the usual prices. Street date will be announced soon. Expect it to follow the ‘Live In Chicago’ EP on CDBaby.com by about six weeks.

I expect these to be the last ‘legacy’ releases before I transition into my new musical era. With them out of the way I’ll be focusing 100% on new material. I’m very excited about several songs I’m working on already, and I’ll be going to England this summer to start recording them. One day they may show up in the form of an all-new studio album. When will that be ready you ask? WHEN IT’S READY!

In the meantime, I hope you’ll enjoy these two live releases.

28 Responses to “A couple of new releases!”

  1. neeznoodle says:

    Wow! Christmas didn’t just come early last year, but it is this year, too. Don’t worry, I’m sure I’m not alone in saying I will patiently wait for the new music without pestering you. Heck, I’ve waited about decade already. What’s another few months, or even a year?

  2. White City says:

    Not one but two releases with a third on the distant horizon!

    >When will that be ready you >ask? WHEN IT’S READY!

    ’nuff said!

    May I be the first to say a resounding thanks for listening and releasing the Martyr’s recordings. The podcasts were excellent and it’s going to brilliant to be able to see more – including Airwaves!

    Cheers! Summer in the UK eh?…


  3. stevied says:


    what Great News!!!

    A year ago today we were watching you at the Ram’s Head and Now this!!

    I’m so excited to finally get to hear 007 versions of Cube, Key and Brain!!! Makes missing the Dallas show more bearable, Thank you!

  4. Rockit says:

    This is good news indeed. The JMH at the release party was fantastic, so I am looking forward to getting this and the DVD.

  5. wontwa says:

    Great news, Thomas – thank you!!!

  6. Retrocanary says:

    Well, that confirms it, having Ribena poured all over me on Friday marked the official end of my unlucky streak, and by gum, my luck is in as I log onto http://www.thomasdolby.com to find this, a fine peice of news if I say so myself. Well, I can’t wait (I can’t wait for most things, but this I CANNOT wait for this). Dunno what else to say except YAAAAYYYYY!!!

  7. wadcorp says:

    The sound with The Jazz Mafia Horns was terrific.

    So glad that a few of the cuts will get released on CD. A nice memento!


  8. Proffesor Pyke says:

    Great News , looking forward to both….!!

    As stated a super way to relive some of the great concerts in the recent few months..!

  9. Sharp says:

    Fantastic News!! I was at the Chicago show and really look foward to both of these releases!!

  10. d.owen says:

    it must be very hard juggling all this stuff at once thomas,especially when at the back of your mind the hammers are in definite peril with one game to go!!!!!!!!!me im happy the toffees are in europe,and cant wait for the new releases.i presume you will be recording in london?have you ever checked out a studio in monmouth called rockfield?its a really pretty setting in the welsh coutryside,and many a famous disc cut there.cheers.david

  11. andyjmk says:

    Any chance of a tour, or even just a couple of dates, in the UK? Andy

  12. BeechwoodAve says:

    Great, great news! After hearing the Dallas show in March, this is the best ‘next’ news we could have received…

    Recording in England, you say? Is that so you can work with certain people, or just getting into a different setting for a change?



  13. MrNormall says:


  14. jhowser says:

    Awesome! The Jazz Mafia version of KTHF was fantastic in Dallas. Can’t wait to have a copy of the Airwaves ambient version as well. That was simply beautiful when we heard it.

    Does “when its ready” mean New Studio Album = Duke Nukem Forever? Nah! I have faith! Thanks, Thomas.

  15. merujo says:

    I’ll be looking forward to hearing you with the horns, big time.

    Any word on if/when you might be playing a gig or two in the UK this summer? I know you were asking folks out here for festival suggestions. I hope some of the recommendations from forum peeps pan out for you (and them!)

  16. Mike Quinn says:

    Now wer’re talking!
    Having witnessed the Jazz Mafia Horns in the “tent” in Austin I already know this is going to be my new favorite CD. The Chicago DVD is welcome news also as I was wishing I could revisit those podcasts and more.

    Otherwise enjoy the creative journey Thomas as you discover the new works. It’s a great space to be in when the universe allows.

    Congratulations again on all your recent accomplishments and for giving us all so much! Now make sure you have some big fun for yourself!

  17. MiniCoopGuy says:

    This is awesome!! I was lucky enough to attend the Martyr’s show so it will be cool to see it on DVD. As for the Mafia horn release, it is going to be amazing! Thanks for giving us one last release before heading off to new music horizons.


  18. mizmusic says:

    FanTAStic!!! :D Man, you don’t just tie up loose ends, sir, you
    macrame ‘em. Ah, the ‘missing songs’… Thank you for ‘tiding us
    over’ so well! Now we’ll all get to hear your ‘perfected’ version of ‘Airwaves’, which I’ve really been looking forward to. I’ve been
    curious as to what you ideally thought it should sound like. I couldn’t really get a sense of your improved version from the NPR podcast-thingie. Now it is what you wanted it to be–excellent! Can’t wait to hear it!! :)

    In terms of your future music: when it’s ready, you say? Okay!!
    [Backing up in tracks, hands up in an 'I surrender' gesture] ;)
    When it’s as good as it could possibly be, I’m sure. Right ON!
    We’ll wait–your music is worth it. You bring it up to your own high
    standards, so of course it suits the rest of us too.

    Gad I’m in a strange mood today…my hands smell like laundry detergent; boy, that scent is tenacious! ;)

    Peace and little rivers of…well, ya know how *that* line ends,
    Kara the Kookeroonie! :D

  19. Jwyn says:

    Don’t know if it’s too late to arrange, but the Hyde Park Calling gig on 23rd June features Peter Gabriel, Crowded House and The Feeling, with more acts to be announced.

    I think Thomas would fit the bill just right, don’t you?

    Or failing that, the Moles Club in Bath would be great!

  20. doctordiper says:

    Those are really great news.
    Sad i’m not used to all that podcast and download stuff, i’m a homosapien, but i’m affraid i have to go through if i won’t miss anything on Dolby’s outputs, it’s a “high-end nighmare”, Dolby’s music lovers have to be future orientated, that’s positive because it forces us to move on.

    I’m really curious about the new songs, and even more exited to know the line-up, the instruments choosen, the sound, the mix, a new Dolby output is always an adventure.


  21. Chris says:

    Dear Thomas

    Europa, your country is waiting for you!


  22. Ms.Hyperactive says:

    Hi Thomas.

    Looking forward to the new releases!!!

    Hope to see you in concert again soon.
    Please come back to the New England area

    Ms. H.

  23. doctordiper says:

    Yes, now that the scottish wants to go their own way ;-) ))))

  24. duglmac says:

    Great news. I look forward to both.

  25. Dr Magnus says:

    I fully agree with Chris, come home mr Dolby, or at least pay us a visit. Sweden is laying here, “wide to recieve” to quote a fellow compatriot of yours.

  26. piratetwins says:

    It’s all very well doing a tour of the USA, but what about the guys over here in the UK that have supported you for years!!!
    When you heading home for a few gigs Mr Dolby???

  27. johnny jane says:

    I really liked the Chicago sets. Will be looking for this.

  28. urban tribal man says:

    Great stuff!!!

    I was wondering if there are going to be any extras on the DVD’s?

    How about the Golden Age of Wireless Vids perhaps :) ))