BT and Thomas tour flyer

Here’s the flyer for my upcoming co-headlining tour with BT.

If you’re in the San Francisco area on Nov 21st, we’re having an informal little release party at the Red Devil Lounge, just me and some friends, and I’ll be playing a live set. I believe the club is going to sell a limited amount of tickets in advance and at the door–and it will actually be the first place you can get your hands on the CD and DVD, because other than that at the gigs it will be mail order only!

17 Responses to “BT and Thomas tour flyer”

  1. That is excellent. Sounds like a good time.

    And thank you so much for including Austin in your tour! We are really looking forward to it.


  2. BeechwoodAve says:

    VERY much looking forward to both your show here in Austin and the release of long-awaited recordings!!! One question… will your set be as long as your previous engagements on the Sole Inhabitant tour, or will it be truncated due to the co-headlining deal? Any live collaboration between the two of you or strictly separate? (ok, that’s two questions… sorry).


  3. SoldInhabitant says:

    In the bottom right corner of the flyer appears to be our first look at “The Sole Inhabitant” cover art!

  4. TMDR says:

    BT and I have talked about jamming together, mashing up songs, etc. I’m just not sure how much of that we’ll do as he is insanely busy with a gazillion projects, plus he has to rehearse his own band from scratch (he has 2 sidemen and this is a new type of show for him.)

    We are going to try to make the 2 shows flow together as much as possible, sharing video projections and settin gup the stage so there’s little or no changeover time. But I don’t know how long my set will end up, whether we’ll aim for 3 hours of total music per night or what!

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  6. Valen says:

    The artwork at the bottom right looks awesome. I hope that will be available as a poster and screensaver!

    This is great news. I hope it goes well.

  7. Wireless says:

    Wow, the 21st sounds like it’s gonna be a night to remember. I wish I could be there. I hope a lot of pictures get taken of the event and posted up on the site.

    Love the artwork for the DVD/CD, as ‘Valen’ says I hope we can get posters etc.

    ‘Sonic Duel for Virtual Supremacy’ ….. Sounds fantastic.

    (“Ladies and Gentlemen, in the bright white corner we give you ‘BT’ performing ‘This Binary Universe’ and in the dark mysterious corner we offer you ‘Thomas Dolby’ ‘The Sole Inhabitant’…………..Let the Sonic Duel begin……….”)

    Let’s all hope that the show is such a success that BT and TMDR have to bring the show to the UK!!

    All the best to you both.

  8. merujo says:

    Love your choice for the DVD/CD cover image. Brilliant.

    I’m not familiar with BT’s music – along with “This Binary Universe”, is there any one CD of his you might recommend as a starting point for getting acquainted with his sound?

    Thanks, Thomas!

  9. HollyG says:

    wish we ere closer :sniff:

  10. ApolloZero says:


    Glad you are going to make it to New Orleans after all. I am so excited! I have seen BT play at House of Blues and it’s going to be a great show with the two of you together. I’m finally going to get to see you live… So glad Hurricane Katrina didnt stop you from completely coming around our way again!


  11. garonky says:

    Some earlier BT to check out for his more electronica/dj sound:
    - Movement in Still Life (esp. “Never Gonna Come Back Down”)
    - Emotional Technology

    This Binary Universe is a bit more experimental record, in the vein of TMDRs Mind’s Eye project where the music is set to visuals, but it’s an amazing piece of work.

    Hope that is helpful…

  12. krisyl31 says:

    Hey, I really like your music and would love to see you live, you should come to the upper peninsula of michigan to play!!! nmu in marquette is always looking for great artists to help us through our long winters!!!

  13. Rockit says:

    Thanks for the heads up, Thomas. Just got my ticket. Can’t wait!

    I just got the new BT CD too, but haven’t listened through it yet. I love the ET album–lots of aural complexity in there. Wish I could see that one in person, but the release party will more than make up for that I’m sure.

  14. fremsley says:

    “Monsieur Dolby I challenge you to a Sonic Duel”.
    “I accept – Samplers at dawn!”.

  15. matthewdropco says:

    I’m sorry i’ve not kept up since Aliens Ate My Buick. (BTW my Hungarian Pastor loved Budapest By Blimp!). How come it seems alot of people’s tours skip Ohio?

    I’ll do my best to catch up with what you’ve been up to, which is alot it seems.

    Good luck on the tour, and if you celebrate Thanksgiving, Happy Thanksgiving.



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