Thomas caught in the act with naked schoolgirls!

Much as I would like to dismiss this shot as a Photoshop fake, it’s not. This is from the Exotic Erotic Ball at the SF Cow Palace last Saturday night.


It was a fun light-hearted affair and several of my songs were accompanied by interesting ‘stage shows.’ I had little idea what to expect, so it was sometimes hard to keep my concentration!

14 Responses to “Thomas caught in the act with naked schoolgirls!”

  1. Heh -

    I have your Blog RSS feed on my personalized Google page next to some political RSS feeds such as Raw Story and Daily Kos.

    At first glance I thought – cool, another political scandal! A new November Surprise. I wonder what candidate?

    Then realized it was your blog. Oh well.

    Somehow that trench coat takes on new meaning in that photo.

    Looks like it was a fun time.

  2. merujo says:

    I got a kick out of it – it’s a little bit “Ms. Sakamoto meets Ms. Slinky’s School for Naughty Girls”… I bet it was a hoot for Halloween weekend. :-)

  3. BeechwoodAve says:

    “Ooooh, professor Dolby! We’ve been oh so naughty! We didn’t do our science homework… are we going to get the paddle….. please?

  4. jrm says:

    i wonder what the audience thought after you took off your trenchcoat too, how far you would go…”budapest without pants”?

  5. Rockit says:

    And my friend had backstage passes! Had I known before I left the house for the afternoon…

    Now that is what I call science.

  6. WizarDru says:

    I’m sorry, what? Were you saying something? I was a little distracted, there. :)

  7. heretic says:

    If this doesn’t give Thomas some interesting material to write about I don’t know what will! Admittedly not a lot of material on view here, but you get what I mean.

    P.S. Any news about when we’ll be able to order or pre-order the Sole Inhabitant DVD and CD?

  8. Last night I watched a replay of the Art Mann’s HD Net show from the 2005 EEB – wow, just – wow.

    That is some ball.

    So Thomas, what did you have on under the trenchcoat for the ball? The costumes there were crazy (for those creative enough to come up with a costume, and not just go au naturale)

  9. Why in GOD’S name would you want to dismiss this as a fake? Holy hell, man! That looks like a dream come true!

  10. TMDR says:

    There are a few more pics posted in the Paparazzi section of the Forum.

  11. mizmusic says:

    Mmmm hmmmm, blush, are there *ever*. ;)

    The debate rages on, perhaps only in my own mind, as to just
    what the HECK the two non-musicians are up to in the 2nd photo.

    I sort of don’t wanna know, ya know, but I sorta do.

    NO I DON’T!

  12. mizmusic says:

    Oops, sorry, pressed Enter instead of something.

    Replius interruptus. :P

    I was a liiiiiittle distracted…

    Peace and, uh, um, nevermind.

    Kara ;)

  13. Ghastly says:

    Man… I only got to spank one girl dressed as a schoolgirl this summer. ;_;

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