Two (and a half?) gigs in July

I will be making a couple of concert appearances at the end of July along with my friends The Pirate Twins. It’ll be a short electronic set featuring some 80s classics and (possibly!) a sneak preview of a brand new track from my upcoming album A Map of the Floating City. The lineup will be:

TMDR — keyboards and vocals

Andrew Down — keyboards

Darren Goldsmith — bass, synth

Mat Hector — electronic drums and samples

Here are the dates:

July 27th or 28th — Possible ‘secret’ public dress rehearsal at a venue in or near London. The other two are quite expensive so if you prefer, you can attend our last rehearsal in an intimate setting. I’ll probably be stopping and starting as I did at the Union Chapel.

July 29th — Vintage at the Southbank, Royal Festival Hall, London

This is part of a 3-day festival encompassing several different eras of music and culture. It’ll be hosted by Martyn Ware of Human League/Heaven 17, and also features Alan Wilder (ex-Depeche Mode)’s band Recoil.

July 30th — Green Gathering 2011, at Chepstow, Monmouthsire

Formerly known as BGG, this is a long-standing summer festival event that celebrates alternative energy and lifestyles. We’ll be playing on a stage powered entirely by renewable energy, and the following day (July 31st around 1pm) I’ll also be giving a short talk about my solar-powered lifeboat studio. I’m looking forward to camping with a couple of my kids for the weekend and checking out the cool innovations and wacky outfits!

Feels like it’s time to warm up my gig chops and start thinking about a full scale tour! I expect to be doing around 20 shows inĀ  the US and a half dozen in the UK before the end of the year. I’d love to also visit Australia, Japan and Europe, but this depends on a number of factors.



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