The Prince of Crim Tartary

I loved this childhood reminiscence from my sister Lucy. We were never big on photography in my family, but though a photo of this (circa late 1940s–early 1950s) would have been fascinating, the image that her words conjure up is almost as good; especially for my older siblings, who remember the magic of it all.

“Re: The Prince of Crim Tartary’s costume

“At Iken there was a big double sitting room which could be divided into two by curtains. A table was put on the ‘audience’ side, with a stool on top of it. Two adults stood behind the centre of the curtain, one behind the other. The front adult made the prince’s feet with his/her hands, and the prince’s head and body. The back adult put his/her arms through under the armpits of the front adult, to make the prince’s arms and hands. He sat cross-legged on the stool, and at the end of the performance one of the children in the audience took the stool away and the prince remained miraculously seated on thin air. It was lovely , as I remember, and it took me a long time to realise that the fact that two adults were always unexpectedly called away on the day the prince was due to come had something to do with it!”

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