Floating Hotel

I blogged about the massive wind farm that is being constructed in the North Sea within (occasional) view of my wheelhouse. There are currently 56 turbines up out of a planned 141 – making this the biggest offshore windfarm in Britain.

The workers on the windfarm stay on a huge ‘floating hotel’ called the M/V Wind Ambition, moored several miles offshore. It accomodates hundreds of people, and has restaurants, a cinema and a gym. They must have a great time out there. I ought to play a gig on board! At night it is lit up like a Christmas tree. It reminds me of the beautiful ocean liner seen from the shore at the end of Fellini’s ‘Amarcord’.

9 Responses to “Floating Hotel”

  1. zengie says:

    We all float down here!!

  2. idtmusic says:

    Pirate radio goes green. Only this time the government is not out to shut them down.

  3. Synth80s says:


    If you haven’t seen it already, you may enjoy “The Legend of 1900″ — a wonderful 1998 movie from Giuseppe Tornatore that stars Tim Roth. Without giving away too much, it’s a fantasy film that has much to do with music and life aboard a ship. One of my favorites.


  4. Yikes says:

    A few years ago had proposed similar work hotels to float off Santa Monica in international waters. The ship would be filled with code writers from India working on weekdays, and taking shore leave on weekends. In that instance it was a workaround to avoid immigration/ visa issues for a bunch of tech workers.
    I don’t think they found a ready market for it in California, which is why it didn’t take off.

  5. Water Stone says:

    I see that Wind Ambition is currently at the WALNEY WINDPARK. I use http://www.marinetraffic.com to follow and track ships.

    I could not imagine having to work on the North Atlantic or the North Sea in the middle of winter. Talk about risky jobs!

  6. suzzymackenzie says:

    You should get a gig on board, for sure. You might need to do a couple of Kylie covers to win their attention.

    I like the idea of self-contained microcosms quietly and privately plying their trade off the beaten track. It was thrilling to slip unnoticed under spaghetti junction and slide silently into the heart of Birmingham city by narrowboat. I’d like to know more about the population of M/V Wind Ambition!

    Wind farms. An odd term. On farms, things are traditionally grown or reared, and generally for food. These beautiful objects are really windtraps or windharnesses. Or, who’s to say they aren’t actually wind generators?

  7. MuLu says:

    Hello Thomas. Have you ever seen the Giuseppe Tornatore classic ” The Legend Of 1900 “. One of the finest nautical movies ever with Tim Roth as the ship’s pianist. A highly recommended movie with an amazing soundtrack by Ennio Morricone.

  8. MuLu says:

    Apologies to Synth80′s who beat me to the punch, but with my post adds weight to anyone who has not seen the film or heard it’s score. A classic on both fronts !

  9. Synth80s says:

    No worries, MuLu — I can’t believe I forgot to mention that Ennio Morricone scored the film — he’s the master!