lossless formats

A lot of people have been asking me whether I plan to release my new material in ‘lossless’ formats such as WAV or FLAC. The answer is that when the new album comes out, it will be available in higher-quality formats than MP3. Along with the physical CD (16 bit stereo 44.1khz) I plan to offer the album as a high-quality digital download (24 bit stereo 96khz AIFF/WAV) as well as FLAC. I will not however be offering 5.1 or similar formats, as I feel stereo is my medium. I could fool myself into thinking surround sound would offer me a new canvas to paint on, but that fact is, the majority of listeners would never hear surround mixes as they were intended, due to the discrepancy between speaker systems and listening environments.

The digital EPs ‘Amerikana’ and ‘Oceanea’ are intended for hardcore fans to get an early peek into the recording of the album in progress. They’re available in 320 kbps MP3 only because (a) it keeps the download time and hosting requirements small (b) I don’t want to encourage piracy, torrents and illegal CD replication (c) I want the eventual album release to feel like a major step up, in addition to the added value of its previously unreleasedĀ  songs.

So that’s my personal choice. I’m grateful to everyone for wanting to hear the music in its full glory, but you’ll have to wait a little longer! I hope this brings the matter to a close.

5 Responses to “lossless formats”

  1. Chris says:

    Hi Thomas

    It is statistically proven that the average person cannot hear the difference between a high quality 320 mb/s MP3 or a wave format. I myself as I am now 45 years old have lost the ability to hear anything over 12khz. Still I can be trilled to the bones by music because as you know, the essence lies in the purity of the music and not in the quality of the sound. Like in imaging sometimes the added noise makes the picture better!

    Thank you for your lovely work on Oceanea!


  2. astronaut says:

    i’m older than dirt and i can tell the difference between a cd and an lp and i think the beatles “love” album (DVD) sounds great. always record in the highest def as possible, thomas. good recordings also make for less “listening fatigue” after a listening session.

  3. doctorjoe says:

    For now, it is perfect. I was just so happy that the sandbag.com glitch was fixed, and I was able to download the EP last week.
    I have a $7500 system, by no means super-high end, but high enough to pick up compression distortion, and I must say, the six tracks you put out are super clean.
    I can’t wait to buy the CD/DVD/and FLAC files and play them side by side to see if I can tell the difference.

  4. luckyexplorer says:

    I can’t wait to FLAC high def files.
    What a good idea, Thomas.

  5. Bombjay says:

    So I as many, have waited and purchased all that is to be had and will buy a version with one single new note.But I am hated as a taper (Not quite a bootlegger…)by you.Why hate the those that document music history…for only the love of music?
    (*Hate* may be strong, but I’m sure you follow me!)
    Still look forward to sneaking in to future shows!