Here come the Toadlickers

I just released my first music video of the 21st century! The Toadlickers is now live on YouTube. I’m expecting millions of new fans (is that a good thing? many of them probably found the video because they were searching for ‘naughty barnyard animals’) and I expect I’ll have to duck a barrage of rotten vegetables from the Puritans. But though it’s a little edgy, it’s not fun at anyone else’s expense, and no puppets were harmed in the making of the video.

I’m very grateful to all the volunteers who showed up at Maverick in the Summer and helped us out. Paul D directed and edited the clip, and did a terrific job on a rock-bottom budget.Paul and Barbara Ann of the Maverick Festival for slipping us in to the back barn, where we got the clip in the can before anyone was able to call Health and Safety. To the top UK Parkour crew Urban Freeflow for fabulous stunts. Also to the amazing Mike Quinn, long-time friend and fan who’s one of the top puppeteers in the business. To Darren Goldsmith, who made a neat ‘behind the scenes’ video that you can also see on YouTube. And to Sophie St Villier and Millie Dollar our lovely lingerie-clad cowgirls, and to my band for their patience and good humour.

This kicks off an exciting week for me. Mid-week I’ll be releasing the final vlog of the ‘Amerikana’ era, dissecting 17 Hills, and that wraps up Part 1 of the album. Next week I’ll be putting out the Oceanea EP which — believe me — is a whole new ballgame. And next weekend I’m going into Real World Studios to record a couple of backing tracks for new songs that will be included in the Urbanoia section of the album.

It’s been busy as heck around here but life couldn’t be better. I’m surrounded by a wonderfully supportive family, a team with exceptional showbiz chops, and the most tasteful, discerning, and loyal audience I could possibly ask for. Hooray!

12 Responses to “Here come the Toadlickers”

  1. cfigura says:

    This is beautiful. It seems that the music video has largely dropped by the wayside, and maybe that’s a good thing or not, but I’ve always enjoyed the humorous and surreal visualizations that went with some pieces.

    I can’t wait to hear more! Amerikana has been great, I’m looking forward to Oceana!

  2. Mike Quinn says:

    Gosh thank you Thomas (trying not to blush)!
    Seriously though, it’s a fun track and I never got tired of hearing it during the shoot and post compositing. Your visuals never compromise and always only enhance the musical experience.
    It was an honour to be a part of this after wanting to work with you again for two decades!
    The Soul Inhabitant was a fantastic live show (saw an Austin, TX show) and CD/DVD and now your three new EPs are topping that big time!
    You are clearly buzzed about everything moving forward but so are we, the “tasteful, discerning and loyal” fans.
    Can’t wait for the next EP and may you have a wonderful experience at Real World next weekend.
    All the best mate and I’ll see you next year for that beer!

  3. aquaregia says:

    Come to Texas!

  4. aquaregia says:

    Whiskey Tango Foxtrot. Bonus points for the Dobro.

  5. So much awesome. The “wolf in sheep’s clothing” had me howling “Tonight we yiff in Hell!”

  6. Retrocanary says:

    “before anyone was able to call Health and Safety.” – Yeah, anyone else there remember that tube light fixing hanging off a the ceiling from it’s own wiring?

    Seriously though – that day was a totally new experience for me, for which I must thank you and all those that were there.

  7. duglmac says:

    I’m at work so I just watched this sans audio. I have heard the track off of ‘Amerikana’ a bunch of times now, but watching the video without the sound is fun all by itself.

  8. JAMac says:

    Yer freakin’ me out. I went to a steampunk/Alice in Wonderland party several months ago and my outfit looked very similar to this photo! Keep the hat, glasses, goatee, vest, pants, boots and belt and add an ascot, feathers to the hat and a long skinny mustache and hair on the head, and you’ve got me.

  9. warbirdali says:

    Ay Chihuahua! Hot dancing babes, Sheep sex (ewephemisms?)…what’s not to like? At first I thought “the look” above was kind of “Orange County Choppers” but after looking again, for some strange reason I want to eat a big bucket of KFC….

  10. zengie says:

    Love everything about the video, especially the little shiver you make in the beginning, as if you “recieve” the whole song in a wave of inspiration… Sorry for this but i just love everything you do, ever had movie-offers? KEEP IT UP MR. DOLBY can’t wait to hear the new ep!!

  11. redteck says:

    Ahh, loving Oceanea! Now THIS is the Dolby I remember from my Flat Earth vinyl! Life is good.

  12. deuxetoiles says:

    Mostly speechless. Um, what redteck said! The title track is aMAYzing! Thank you.