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Sunday, October 17th, 2010

For months, I’ve been seeing the strangest vessels heading out across the North Sea from a nearby port. Giant semi-immersible cranes, tugs towing impossible structures. I knew there was a wind farm going up somewhere out there. A few weeks ago I thought I glimpsed something through the mist on the horizon. But today I woke up to a line of low dark clouds to the East, and below them a strip of bright sunlight, framing perfectly a line of maybe 15 windmills, visible to the naked eye.

I love that they’re out there. And that I can only see them when atmospheric conditions are just right. I even love that people all over the world are dissing wind farms, saying they are not efficient, slaughter wildlife, and eventually smash themselves to pieces. Those people are just shoing their ignorance and lack of imagination. Because we’re just at the beginning of the renewable energy era. Of course out first efforts are not all going to be perfect. That’s the way things evolve. In Detroit in 1920 there were 1500 automobile firms; some of them made cars will a tiller instead of a steering wheel.

We’re living on a planet that has perpetual sunshine from the massive star we’re orbitting. We have daily tides that the moon will never stop driving. Winds generated from weather systems, from temperature differentials, and even from the spinning of the Earth at the Equator where it spins fastest. We’re on a planet with a molten core. We have clueless politicians yes, but we also have brilliant scientists who will think up unheard-of ways to bend this natural energy to serve us, without depleting our resources; and wonderful artists, musicians and poets, who will dream big, imagining a beautiful future for our children, despite all the evidence that says they’re doomed.