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RIP MJ… and my $0.02

Friday, June 26th, 2009

I’m very sorry and deeply shocked to hear of Michael Jackson’s passing. We were the same age, and of course I grew up with his music, and admired from afar as he blossomed into one of the world’s greatest entertainers. Then in 1982 I got to meet him, under quite surreal circumstances. I have told the story a few times. Today, by complete coincidence, I was booked to go into BBC Radio Suffolk for a rare live interview. They were pleased when I told them I not only knew Michael, I’d been to his house in LA and spent the evening with them.

Here’s a link to the interview I did today, which includes the story of my visit to Encino.

Nice note from BT

Tuesday, June 9th, 2009

…. and I don’t mean the phone company.



It’s important to try and explain how I am enjoying this beautiful, beautiful piece of music. The sun is beginning to rise here, I’ve been up a hundred years….my first single comes out today, all around it’s a good day. Really good infact.
This just made it much better. Thank you for what you do Thomas, I never really got to say that to you when we toured. You are a big inspiration to me and this is one more reminder why.



On Jun 9, 2009, at 4:45 AM, Thomas Dolby wrote:

This may come as a bit of a surprise!

Vocal is a guide


<17 Hills with Fiddles Jun 5th.mp3>

out of the mouths….

Sunday, June 7th, 2009

This is fun. A letter from Ben Brown in Keller, Texas:

“My youngest son has taken a special liking to your music as well. His name is Christopher and he just turned six years old last month. While still five years old, a couple of months ago, he wrote what looked like a long letter with some repeated word strings in it. He is a beginning reader/writer, and spells many words phonetically – my wife and I could not figure out what he was trying to say and he wouldn’t tell us. I read it again and again and finally discovered that he had written out the lyrics (primarily the chorus) to “Europa and the Pirate Twins”. He was so excited when I figured it out! He loves that song – it is his favorite song. I wanted to let you know that you are touching, entertaining, and inspiring another generation of music lovers.”


Mid-album press

Saturday, June 6th, 2009

Over the last few weeks I’ve been doing a handful of interviews with music publications. While I’m reluctant to take too much time out from the actual recording, and I don’t want to give too much of the game away, I guess it’s important to keep the buzz alive. Plus, I’m still far enough away from actually releasing new music, that there’s little risk I’ll be pulling the trigger too early!

Here’s a quite complimentary interview with a web site called The Quietus.

Then there’s a review of ‘The Singular Thomas Dolby’ in an American publication.

I just did another with Record Collector—2 hours long!—that should show up in a couple of months.

And finally, amusingly, I did one today with BBC 6. They emailed me a few weeks ago and asked me to ‘host’ a party with three imaginary guests; and to play three favourite songs. Off the top of my head, I replied that the guests were Jules Verne, Nicola Tesla and Leon Theremin. And I picked songs from Goldfrapp, Jim White and Madeleine Peyroux.

Then I conveniently forgot all about my choices altogther. Until today, when the BBC’s Liz Kershaw got me on the phone and, tape rolling, asked me one by one why I’d made those choices. She, of course, had plenty of Wikipedia pages printed out right in front of her, thanks to her producer; I. like a mug, was struggling to name more than one Jules Verne novel, and I couldn’t remember whether Tesla championed AC current and Edison DC, or the other way around!

What a pseud, eh?



Tuesday, June 2nd, 2009


After giving an early morning lecture to a group of amiable geeks from Compuware, I’m sitting eating breakfast on the private balcony of a cruise ship that just anchored off Portofino, Italy. Here’s the view.

Life doesn’t suck!